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Virtually Informed works with Partners and Supporters, both of which enable us to achieve out mission and goals to provide education on the impact of technology changes.

More about Our Partners

Our Partners include:



Layer 8 minimises the risk to businesses by developing proactive security behaviours in employees. Working with international business such as Openreach, National Grid, IG and GKN we've developed:

  • Security Champions Programmes
  • Online materials delivered via our Layer 8 Toolkit ® Apps
  • Surveys to measure security culture maturity
  • Interactive workshops

The success of our programmes have been achieved by putting conversation back into security awareness/training. Conversations are our catalyst for change. Working with Layer 8 will provide a framework to get people talking about security and therefore achieving change at the grassroots, where it matters. Click the logo to learn more about Layer8 Limited


OutThinkOutThink brings world's first human risk protection platform. An innovative, disruptive solution, OutThink redefines security awareness. The OutThink cloud platform has been developed specifically to automate the identification and measurement of human risk. OutThink was purpose-built by CISOs and researchers from UCL and Royal Holloway, for security professionals who are looking to provide effective human risk protection for their organisations.

Headquartered in the City of London with development in UK, Greece and Romania, we have a global client base all of whom are served locally from offices located in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Click the logo to learn more about OutThink

Urban IQ

Urban IQUrban IQ is a management consultancy company largely working across the public sector. It has successfully managed and delivered many complex partnership projects and will provide project support for Security2Live. Urban IQ's background will also provide intelligence for Security2live to expand its provision of cyber security information and training to the public sector. Click the logo to learn more about Urban IQ


BlockAPT protects businesses against cyberthreats by unifying their complex, disparate security technologies into one centralised security management and automation platform to help support compliance and legal requirements. 

Designed and built through the eyes of the customers’ needs and security issues, it is deeply integrated with leading edge solution providers and brings together automated threat intelligence, vulnerability management, device management and incident response management through a single security management portal. 

The BlockAPT platform operates across all security layers, within a simplified Monitor, Manage, Automate and Respond (MMAR) framework, enabling a command and control approach with automated responses. 

Caveriscaveris website logo

Caveris’ mission is to enable businesses to gain total visibility of their Cybersecurity. Central to this is the ability to perform automated checks against any technology. Fundamental to our software is the principle that users can configure exactly what they want in the way that they need, without artificial constraints imposed upon them. Furthermore, without structure and order the enforcement of security can only ever be haphazard at best. ICAS is a software solution that brings structure, order and oversight to the management of Information Risk and Cybersecurity, resulting in the enforcement of a consistent, repeatable and predictable level of security across the entire enterprise. Caveris

Our Supporters

Virtually Informed's formal supporters include:






Sutcliffe Insurance Brokers

Sutcliffe & Co