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Welcome to 'Security and Risk Blog' for Small and Medium-sized Businesses - otherwise known as SaRB for SMB's or SaRB for Small Businesses.

As the name suggests, this is a Blog about security and risk for small businesses where we aim to provide information on Digital Safety Skills for SMB's and raise their skill levels. We want to demystify risks and security for people with little or no security backgrounds.



Security and Risk topics we cover

Managing Security Risks

Identifying threats and risks to businesses

  • Identifying assets specific to small and medium-sized businesses
  • Tools, services and controls small and medium-sized businesses can use: 
    • for protecting their assets
    • to detect whether their business is in the process of, or has already been breached
    • to respond to a likely breach or compromise
    • to recover from breaches or compromises
  • Email security issues for businesses
  • Ransomware risks to businesses
  • Network security for small businesses
  • Risks and strategic and tactical approaches to security from a 10 to 50 to 250 employee company and beyond.

Security and Risk Questions we cover

  • How to get started in managing security risks?
  • What are the quick wins for protection?
  • Which assets are attackers after?
  • Which assets details should we keep records of?
  • How can we get through our Cyber Essentials Certification without having to pay an external consultant?
  • What is the best way to share data with our customers and partners?
  • What should we be doing about data protection to comply in our country?
  • What are the best back-up tools for a small business?
  • How do we choose a managed security service provider?
  • How to choose authentication tools for your business?
  • At what point do we need to employ security staff?
  • How to use best security practices for a competitive edge?
  • How to decide which options provide better benefits?

Free security and risk resources we are providing

  • Complete Cyber Essentials Asset Register spreadsheet with: 
    • Computer details
    • Server details
    • Mobile devices 
    • Network devices
    • Printers and scanners
    • Other devices
    • Special bonus includes other Intellectual assets tab not for Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Template policies
  • Checklists
  • Action lists.

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This Blog is aims to help small and medium-sized businesses to raise the bar and reduce attacks to their businesses by taking effective actions to protect them. We want to help make being secure an easier option to take than the insecurity resulting from not taking any action. We endeavour to make as much security and risk information as freely accessible as possible for all SMB's. If you have any pressing issues that you would like us to cover for other businesses which may be experiencing similar challenges to you, please get in touch with us through our contact us page, or if you are a Registered or Subscribing User please use the messaging tool provided.


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About the Authors

Sarb Sembhi

Sarb Sembhi, Virtually InformedSarb is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for Virtually Informed. 

He writes and speaks about:

  • Strategic issues in Smart Environments and related technologies;
  • Digital Safety Skills for anyone not working in Cyber Security, and; 
  • Business / security challenges for small businesses and start-ups.
Nick Ioannou

Nick is Director of Boolean Logic Limited, a blogger, an author and public speaker.

Nick has authored:

  • 'Internet Security Fundamentals',
  • 'A Practical Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses' and
  • 'A Practical Guide to GDPR for Small Businesses',
  • as well as contributing to three 'Managing Cybersecurity Risk' books and 'Conquer The Web'.