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Smart Built EnvironmentVirtually Informed and it's CTO, Sarb Sembhi has worked in the Smart Environments field for many years and contributed to the body of work to help secure these environments. These include:

  • Articles related to the Smart Built Environment on the IFSEC Global website;
  • White Papers written over the last few years (soon to be available for download on this website);
  • Codes of Practice (available on the British Security Industry Association [BSIA] website);
  • Guidance documents on securing Smart Built Environments (available from the IoT Security Foundation website), and;
  • Definition and Maturity levels (the Maturity Model is a work in progress) which are available on this website.

This blog brings together work from many different experts in the field of Smart Built Environments from around the world from a personal perspective on the issues.

Current resources that are available for access are:

Both of these resources are available for use under the Creative Commons licence.

If you are a professional in IoT, Smart Homes, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing or any related topics and would like to contribute to our content, please get in contact with us.

We have been recording content for this Blog for over a year and will be publishing video blog posts soon.