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Mission Statement

At Virtually Informed we empower individuals and organisations to take actions focused on their outcomes through converting knowledge into actionable content, tools and resources. We partner with organisations dedicated to making the world a better, safer and more secure place for all communities in which to enjoy and benefit technology innovations.


Making Knowledge Actionable

Informing Decisions - Leading Action



Who we Serve?

We serve three groups of individuals and communities who want to do one of the following:About Us

Explore a cyber security topic

To explore cyber security topics we provide visitors with free open access content. We extend the information to encourage them into the next step of considering being more informed about using that information to explore wider cyber security decisions needed to help secure them, their data, devices and technologies.

Be better informed about taking cyber security decisions

For anyone interested in learning to take more informed decisions about cyber security issues affecting their organisation we provide free access to content, tools and resources on all aspects of cyber security. Also, we extend the information to encourage them to consider the next step of achieving cyber security outcomes to create greater trust with their stakeholders.

Achieve cyber security outcomes

For anyone ready and willing, and wanting or needing to take action to achieve cyber security outcomes for their organisation we provide access to content to turn knowledge into structured actionable "Approaches, Activities, Tasks and Actions", and other tools and resources focused on achieving specific outcomes.

How do we do serve them?

We map out all the knowledge related to a topic and organising it by what different users want to achieve using it and ordering it into manageable, practical, 5-60 minute actionable mini projects. These are supported by other content, tools and resources to achieve outcomes quicker, by not having to know anything about the topic which may be irrelevant to the specific outcomes they want to achieve.

Why we Exist?

Make knowledge more accessible for those most in need of taking action but lack the know-how to do so. Virtually Informed is an outcome focused organisation engaging its audiences to confidently take actions without them having to know everything about a topic to get started.

Public Digital Safety Skills Campaigns

We have several campaigns in 2022, which are targeted to reach different audiences and involve different partners.

The Security2Live Initiative will continue it work and draw together uniquely presented content for anyone interested in raising their basic security and risk skills level. The content and materials will be available after we have launched the Security2Live Model for Digital Safety Skills.

The Get Safe for 2022 campaign is aimed at helping people take simple actions each day to improve their security posture so that they, their organisations and family are more secure with the technology that they use.

Virtually Informed Team

We are a group of risk / security professionals, journalists and content writers with an interest in helping make sense of information for people who don't have time or will to go through biased search engine results which may or may not lead to anything useful.