Our Vision & Mission Statement

Vision: A world where those impacted by ongoing technology changes have the opportunity to respond appropriately.

Mission Statement: To provide targeted accessible, engaging and actionable tools and information, enabling individuals to take the most appropriate actions based on the requirements of people they are responsible for - and be the engine for positive impact through individual actions and shared leaning.

Responding to the Indifference of Cyber Security, Risk and Privacy

Virtually Informed aims to radically change the security, risk and privacy awareness levels of all individuals. We believe that due to the factors below, the world cannot continue to accept this state of indifference:

  • It is wrong that while security budgets, tools , teams, 'so called' awareness programme spending have all increased, the number of breaches has increased too.
  • Many enterprise awareness programmes are either covering the same topics as many years ago and/or have had very little impact in bringing about changes in society's behaviour towards their own security or privacy.
  • Technology enabled crimes have continued to increase with public awareness campaigns having little or no effect.
  • The security and privacy threats individuals encounter on a daily basis has continued to increase, despite the best efforts of law enforcement and awareness campaigns.
  • Our homes, offices, work and living environments are being invaded by insecure technologies while manufacturers enjoy the revenue without improving the security or privacy aspect of those products.
  • More businesses are creating business models based on collecting user data without considering data security or privacy.
  • Information, content and events have all focused on those already actively involved in the security and risk professions, leaving all others as excluded outsiders.About Us

Raise Digital Safety Skills

We believe that this is unacceptable. We will raise the security, risk and privacy skill level by providing information covering areas which mean the most to non-technical people. In doing so we do the following:

  • Change the focus of attention from only those in the security and risk professions to anyone who wants to or needs to learn more about security and risk.
  • For those actively working in security and risk we provide information that can be used by all people to improve their understanding of what is happing in the industry.
  • Develop practical information and courses for anyone who doesn't work for an enterprise and need's to better understand security and risk to enable them to take the best possible response for them.
  • Develop practical information and courses for home users to better understand security and risk to enable them to take the best possible response for them, these course are due to be available later this year.
  • Provide easy to use information on Smart Environments, threats and risks.
  • Initiate projects to work with industry leaders wanting to bring about change in the public's need to raise security, risk and privacy skill levels.
  • Make it easier to find, use and share security and privacy information that will impact an end user's ability to make change.

We are first and foremost about raising Digital Safety Skills for non-Cyber Security industry employees, this includes people working in a profession where they may be required to understand Cyber Security as 5-25% of their working week, and small and medium-sized businesses who don't have the technical expertise to protect themselves, and largest audience is private individuals.

Provide information for anyone not working in Cyber Security

While we are finalising content for our courses, we have started a series of blogs to engage with diverse audiences on issues affecting anyone interacting with technology today.

The first blog ""Security Awareness Risk Blog, (SaRB) for Small and Medium-sized Orgnisations (SMO's)"", or SaRB for SMO's as it is called on this site was published in January 2021.

The second blog ""Security Awareness Risk Blog, (SaRB) on Smart Environments"", or as we like to call it, or ""SaRB on Smart Environments"" (SaRB on SE's) is to be published.

Other blogs will be published later in the year.

Public Digital Safety Skills Campaigns

We have several campaigns in 2021, which are targeted to reach different audiences and involve different partners.

The Security2Live Initiative will continue it work and draw together uniquely presented content for anyone interested in raising their basic security and risk skills level. The content and materials will be available after we have launched the Security2Live Model for Digital Safety Skills.

The Get Safe for 2021 campaign is aimed at helping people take simple actions each day to improve their security posture so that they, their organisations and family are more secure with the technology that they use.

We also have a campaign to increase the number of innovative start-ups, and new to the profession people into established security events.

Our approach to risk and security

We believe that risk and security can and should be managed from a single perspective and for this reason we aim to cover all overlapping security topics, including information security, cyber security, physical security, application security, privacy, fraud, mobile security, smartcard security, cryptography, business continuity, smart devices (for smart buildings, and cities) etc.

We believe that executives, professionals and end users can only improve their ability to both understand the issues and the required responses if the information presented enables them to get as much out of it as they want or need, to develop their interest and skills. For this reason we provide listings of events, webinars and organisations from around the world who provide relevant content regardless of whether of who the providers is.

Virtually Informed Team

We are a group of risk and security professionals, journalists and content writers with an interest in helping make sense of information for people who don't have time or will to go through biased search engine results which may or may not lead to anything useful for users. We work in partnership with many other industry experts to ensure that we bring you the most important information in multiple formats that are easy to use.