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Mission Statement

To clarify and simplify cyber security to make it useful, relevant and achievable for everyone.


Making Knowledge Actionable & Achievable

Informing Decisions - Leading Action



Making our Mission a reality

A) Which communities do we serve?

The communities we serve are charities and voluntary organisations - because they are often in need of better cyber security to protect their organisation, but don't always have the skills or resources to be able to do so.

B)  We serve three groups of visitors and users:About Us

1. Casual Learners -

Anyone exploring the relevance of cyber security outcomes for themselves or their organisation.

2. Decision Explorers -

Anyone interested in understanding the relevance of cyber security outcomes and are exploring the decisions involved in managing the outcomes.

3. Achieve cyber security outcomes

For anyone want to implement the Activities and Actions required to achieve cyber security outcomes.

How we Clarify, Simplify, make Useful, Relevant and Achievable?

We take cyber security requirements from standards & frameworks and map out why and how ordinary non-technical people will want and be able to achieve the security outcomes. We explore what can go wrong, based on all that they don't know. Then we identify what should be simplified into manageable practical 5-60 minute actionable mini-projects to achieve the outcomes - so that they don't have to be trained cyber security experts before they are able to take action to protect what's important to them.

Public "Digital Safety Skills" Campaigns

We have several campaigns each year where we different audiences and working with different partners.

The Security2Live Initiative will continue it work and draw together uniquely presented content for anyone interested in raising their basic security and risk skills level. The content and materials will be available after we have launched the Security2Live Model for Digital Safety Skills.

Virtually Informed Team

We are a group of risk / security professionals, journalists and content writers with a passion to help make sense of information for people who don't have time or will to go through biased search engine results which may or may not lead to anything useful.