Welcome to Virtually Informed, in the run up to October being 'Cyber Security Awareness' Month, we will be participating in webinars on raising awareness. This will include making exclusive content available free of charge, including infographics, posters, and policy templates.

SaRB for SMOs

Is our Security and Risk Blog for Small and Medium-sized Organisations is a weekly blog with tips and information from Sarb Sembhi and Nick Ioannou. Topics include: achieving Cyber Essentials, Backup good practices, Password management, Responding to a breach, the Internet of Things Security, Benchmarking your cyber security programme, Each episode is available in text, video and podcast versions, and has free weekly downloadable resources.

SaRB on SE's

Security and Risk Blog on Smart Environments (otherwise known as SaRB on SE's) which covering Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Homes and Smart Manufacturing, and the latest security and privacy issues in all these environments. We explore What is a Smart Home, Building or City? Our open source definition, has been adopted by the IoT Security Foundation's Smart Built Environment Group.

Security2Live Initiative

The initiative led by Virtually Informed with three Founding Partners to respond to the growing technology in the home environment where many people purchase new devices without necessarily understanding the security or privacy implications.

There is a lack of awareness and understanding of how each new technology impacts privacy and security of existing devices and services. We teamed up with experts to develop resources to help fill the gap.