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Mental Health Awareness Week 2024

Mental Health in Cyber Security Foundation

Full Programme from Monday 13th to Friday 17th May

Monday 13th Foundation Chair overview video Annual Report Released  
Tuesday 14th 1st Real Lives Video    
Wednesday 15th May Open Call 2.00pm McGregor Boyle Webinar  
Thursday 16th   Workshops at Foundry Charter Signatories - Press Launch
Friday 17th   12.00 ISACA London Chapter Webinar  

Annual Report 2024

MHinCS Foundation Annual Report is released at 2.00pm Monday 13th May.

It will be available for download from here soon.

Real Lives Videos

Real Lives - Real Experiences - Video Stories released on Tuesday 14th May.

The video will be available for viewing from here soon.

Wednesday 15th May, 2.00pm - Webinar

Stress, Burnout and Mental Health in Cyber Security – Do we really need transparency?

Hosted by: McGregor Boyall Associates Chaired by: Sarb Sembhi

Many industry surveys point to an average CISO tenure being 24 months, is this due to stress burnout and mental health? If so, what do we need to do about it to ensure that CISOs aren’t going out of the frying pan and into the fire, is transparency the answer, if so, how do we achieve it?


- Lucy Frost, Group Managing Director, McGregor Boyall Associates
- Mark Nicholls, CISO, Ramsey Health
- Michaela Liavaag, MD, Cybility Consulting
- Mo Ahddoud, MD, Chameleon Cyber Consultants

Registration details: McGregor Boyall registration page.

Links to view this webinar will be available here soon.


We have two workshops for invited Charter Signatories only:

Workshop 1: Community of Practice - focus and direction.

Workshop 2: Future Research - focus and direction.

The outcomes of this Workshop will be used by the various Foundation groups to help prioritise their work.

This event was sponsored by Foundry.

Mental Health in Cyber Security Charter Launch

Access to this event is only available to Charter Signatories at 6.00pm Thursday 16th May, who will have been sent an invitation already.

Details of all Launch Signatories is available, together with a Press Release and Photos of attending Signatories.

This event was sponsored by Foundry.

charter signatories


Friday 17th May at 12.00pm - Webinar

Responding to Stress, Burnout and Mental Health of Cyber Security Professionals in your Team

Hosted by: ISACA London Chapter Chaired by: Sarb Sembhi

The pressure and pace of work responding to cyber threats and risks has grown phenomenally over the last few years due to vulnerabilities, malware, user behaviour and other factors. This has an impact creating stress and burnout in cyber security professionals which can impact the business. This session will look at how some organisations are changing their work practices to help maintain their well-being.


- Rebecca McGown, Mind Science
- Peter Olivier, Admiral Insurance
- Daniel Shore, MultiTeam Solutions
- Kash Thimmaraju, Flow Guard Institute

Registration details: ISACA London Chapter registration page.

Links to view this webinar will be available here soon.

Thursday 20th June: 2.00pm - Webinar

Stress & Burnout? – Technology Sector Issue or Whole Industry Problem?

Where a panel of senior industry representatives discuss how we can ensure the mental wellbeing of tech professionals working in a relentless, high-pressure environment. There is plenty of evidence of Stress and Burnout of Cyber Security professionals, but is this
something that only the Tech Sector should be concerned with, or should we all be concerned about it and why? What should we be doing in response to this growing concern?

Chaired by: Jill Broom, TechUK.


- Annabel Berry, Ladies Hacking Society,
- Christian Toon, CISO Pinsent Mason LLP,
- Paul Simms, CISO, Lumanity,
- Sarb Sembhi, Chair, Mental Health in Cyber Security Foundation

Registration details: TechUK registration page.


All events are free to attend, thanks to the generosity of our partners to ensure that everyone has access. However, please note that the in person Workshops has limited space and attendance is prioritised for those who have signed up to the Charter.

To sign up to the Charter please email .


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