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Purpose and legal basis for processing

Our purpose for collecting this information is so we can either email or allow the requested publications to be downloaded by you.

The legal basis we rely on for processing your personal data is your consent under article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR.

Where the resource has been made available through a partner or third party, you will be asked to provide your consent to allow them to access your work, organisation and job details you provided at registration.

What we need

We will use the email details you provided when you registered to use our website.

Where you have consented to provide a partner or third party with your registration details, these will be: name, organisation, job title / role.

Why we need it

So that we can send you the publications you have requested.

So that we can continue to provide content of interest to users according to their job title / role.

What we do with it

We only use the contact details to provide this service. We run statistical reports on the types and quantities of publications requested for monitoring purposes, but this does not contain any personally identifiable information other than job title / role.

How long we keep it

For information about how long we hold personal data, we are currently finalising a retention schedule to make it clearer.

What are your rights?

We rely on your consent to process the personal data you give us to provide this service. This means you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. If you do that, we’ll update our records immediately to reflect your wishes however some resources may only be available where you are willing to provide some personal information.

For more information on your rights, please see ""32938" 

Do we use any data processors?